Sunday, September 4, 2011

Supplies: saving out-of-pocket expenses

Supplies: saving out-of-pocket expenses
            Most persons with an Indiana pouch are old enough to be on Medicare, which covers the cost of catheters and some other supplies. There are items that are our own responsibility and I’d like to share my experience in regard to a couple of them.
            I had quite a shock when I paid $4.40 for a single roll of paper tape at a local chain pharmacy. Motivated to go online, I found the identical item for 72 cents.
            My favorite irrigation syringe comes with a tray, fluid container and towel and is made by Bard. It costs $2.78 online. It is not the least expensive set and it’s meant to be single-use. However, with proper cleaning and a 50-50 vinegar/water rinse it lasts for at least a week before getting too stiff to work easily. Less expensive syringes become unusable after a few irrigations.
            If you prefer sterile 2 x 2 gauze pads instead of (unsterile) cotton rounds, the cost at the pharmacy is considerable. They are available online at a fraction of the local retail cost. Cotton rounds are usually available at the Dollar Store for half price.
            My online vendor is Quality Medical Supplies. I have no financial interest in any company and you might find others that are even less expensive. Please do share that information with me and readers of this blog.


  1. I was told it would take 3 years before my pouch would forget it was intestines and quit making mucus, but it took 6 years and I dont have to irragate any more, just one less thing to worry about,it still makes a little, but nothing to worry about.

  2. on ebay, i found Surgical Gauze Pad Sponges, 8-ply 2 x 2 Quantity 200 for $3.88 ... free shipping. use as stoma/belly-button covers. and oh yes, the paper surgical tape, much cheaper on ebay.

    p.s. thanks for this blogging...